Free Shuttle


Seward City Tours is proud to operate the Seward Free Shuttle. For the 2023 Summer Season the Free Shuttle will operate May 8th - September 25th from 10am to 7 pm. On days when a cruise ship is in port the hours are 8am to 7pm. The shuttle picks up/drops from the Seward Military Resort at by request only.

Due to high volume ridership we kindly ask riders use the vehicles for transportation purposes only, and let drivers know desired destination upon boarding the vehicle. Please be aware that the buses are on a 30 minute loop, this means that the stops are not timed and waiting times can be up to 30 minutes at any stop depending on the location of the bus.

KEY 2022

The vehicles take approximately 30 minutes to complete the five miles route. The stops are not timed, and buses can be delayed due to the high volume of traffic or when wheelchair lift is deployed. We thank you for your patience.

Please be sure to be waiting at a designated bus stop with the sign you see above. The vehicles will not deviate from their route, nor can they make stops other than at designated locations.

Look for the SewarCityTours bus FREE SHUTTLE printed in red. The private tour vehicles are not part of the transportation route and do not make stops.